Sunset Isles

The Sunset Isles is the name given to a range of small-to-middle-sized volcanic islands located off the Dragon Coast. It is also the name of the small nation that occupies the isles.


Primary exports: Ships and volcanic mineral resources such as aluminum, diamonds, gold, nickel, lead, zinc and copper
Primary imports: Textiles, food, wood.


Similar to the real-world Aleutian islands or Hawaii, but located in a temperate climate.

The Sunset Isles : NNF western mountain range :: Aleutian Islands : Cascade Mountain Range


Country: The Sunset Isles
Government: Monarchy. Noble lords (under the monarch) maintain individual islands as territories within the monarchy.

The Sunset Isles have past history of instability — both internal (the last two kings took power after their predecessors were murdered) and external (territorial aggression towards other nations). They maintain an uneasy truce with with Westport as it is one of their major trade partners, but that hasn’t avoided some tense moments and almost-wars in the past.

Sunset Isles

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