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The Cataclysm’s effects were felt across the globe. In the Kalishtari Swamplands, the unstable magic had the effect of advancing time thousands of years in the span of what was mere minutes elsewhere.

At the same time, the Kederi native to the region were transformed – suddenly hearing the thoughts of all others in the region. With their minds unable to cope with this sudden flood of information, many of them went mad and soon perished. Many others simply had their capacity for intelligence burned away.

Some, however, were able to adapt to the effects. With the sudden ability to clearly understand the needs of the entire group and how to best advance it, they crossed the boundary into sentience. Over the generations, their latent telepathy has faded… but it still resides to a degree, allowing them to ‘think’ their thoughts to each other with varying degrees of ability.


Modern Kenari stand between 4 and 5.5 feet tall, noticeably taller than their ancestors. Like the Kederi, they have pale blue skin (occasionally tinged with green or purple) and webbing between their fingers and toes. Kenari have coarse hair in colors ranging between white, silver, gray, black and brown with an occasional reddish tinge on the top of their heads, back of their necks and running down along their spine, but otherwise lack body hair. A short stub is the last remnants of their ancestral tails.

Kenari Society

Most Kenari live in tribal villages – some on the swamp’s surface, others in the trees. They are primarily hunter-gatherers, living in smallish huts.

With the exception of occasional shrill calls that could be mistaken for wildlife, it is rare to hear Kenari speak. Communicating telepathically is more natural to them than speaking.

Life in Kenari villages is hard, with frequent illness and injury due to the flora and fauna of their habitat. A Kenar who manages to avoids ill-fortune (or perhaps lives in a less hostile environment) can expect to live to 60.

Kenari are often wise beyond their years, mainly attributed to their means of communication. Concepts, lore and tribal histories be shared and passed down via thought, without the need for an intermediate language to express it in.

Kenari typically mate for life in a complex act that bonds them with their mate telepathically. Losing that bond due to their mate’s death leaves one feeling empty and void, and it is not uncommon for the surviving half of such a couple to die within days – if not minutes – of their lover. Mated Kenari typically do not handle being long distances from each other long-term as a result. Kenari can mate with one not of their race, though such pairings are rare. Rarer still is a Kenar who mates after the death of his or her spouse.


Size: Medium
Speed: 30 feet.
Kenari Resilience: You have advantage on saving throws against poison and enchantments. You have resistance against poison damage.
Ability Store Adjustment: Your starting Dexterity or Wisdom score (your choice) increases by 1.
Telepathy: You can speak telepathically to creatures with a language, but this does not enable creatures to respond telepathically to you. You can choose whether your message is sent to one specific creature or all nearby creatures. Telepathic messages have range limitations comparable to normal speech, which can include extending the range to a shout or limiting it to a whisper. Communicating in this way takes a similar amount of time as speaking your message.
Languages: You can speak, read, and write Common.
Swampland Survivor: You are trained in the Spot and Survival skills.
Kenari Weapon Training: When you attack with a spear, sling, javelin or shortbow with which you have proficiency, the damage die for that weapon increases by one step: from d4 to d6 or d6 to d8.


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