Character Creation and Advancement


In general, in any case where a dice roll would have permanent affects on your character’s statistics, you’ll use the non-random approach.

Like the THACO campaign, any sort of relevant background information, deity selection or other character story details — either generic or specific — may be allowed and incorporated into the game world at DM’s discretion.

Starting level: Level 1.
Allowed races: All playtest races, plus Kenari.
Allowed classes: All playtest classes.
Alignment: No evil alignments.
Ability scores: Use the standard array or point-buy systems as explained in the playtest documents. Don’t roll ability scores.
Hit die and hit points: Hit point totals are not rolled — use the constant amount instead (for instance, rogues gain 4 hit points per level rather than 1d6 hit points per level). Spending hit die to regain hit points is still rolled normally.
Specialties and Feats: Choose a Specialty/Feat. The Optional Rule for Retraining is in use, so you may opt to swap out feats down the line as noted in the description.


The campaign will begin aboard the Maribella II, a medium-sized merchant ship currently sailing north towards the city of Westport. Maribella II is primarily a coastal merchant vessel, calling at ports along the west coast of Kylarria. It’s late enough in the year where Westport and the nearby Sunset Isles are likely to be its final two stops northward, though this depends on what news the captain finds when he reaches Westport.

Your reason for being aboard the Maribella II is up to you, but you should come up with one. Some possibilities include:

  • You are returning home to Westport or the Sunset Isles after conducting some family or merchant business or somesuch.
  • You are a refugee, escaped prisoner or otherwise running from some events further south.
  • You’re a Elf from Adalglyn who has either gotten wanderlust or has been exiled from Adalglyn for some reason or another.
  • You’re a Kenari who has left the Kalishtari Swamplands and decided to explore the rest of the world.
  • You’re a bodyguard, servant, or some other part of the entourage for a noble or travelling merchant who is travelling to Westport or the Sunset Isles on business, or perhaps you are that noble or merchant yourself.
  • You hired on as part of the ship’s crew.

It’s normal for the Maribella II to carry a small contingent of passengers, but cargo is where most of the money comes from. The master of the vessel, Captain Jurven Masterson, is a relatively savvy businessman and knows its better to get a few coins from passengers staying in parts of the hold that would be otherwise empty.

Character Creation and Advancement

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